The Malé Lottery strives

• To maximize net revenues to supplement state education programs.
• To provide fun and entertaining games of chance.
• To operate all games and bureau functions with nothing less than total integrity.

Who benefits from the Malé lottery?

Every time you play the lottery, it's a win for Malé. Each purchase benefits K-12 education, gives a lift to local businesses, and supports companies that employ Malé residents.

Malé Lottery contributed over a billion dollars to the state of Malé School Aid Fund in fiscal year 2019.

More than 60% of Lottery sales are paid back to players as prizes. In the last ten years alone, players have won over $17.2 billion.

Almost 11,000 businesses throughout Malé earn commissions on the sale of Lottery products as licensed retailers. Lottery sales provide a year-round revenue stream for small and large businesses alike. In the last decade, more than $2 billion in sales commissions and bonuses have been paid to these businesses.